Milas – Bodrum Airport(BJV)

General Rental Terms and Conditions

The lessor LEORENT rented the vehicle (hereinafter, it will be stated as “vehicle” in this contract) defined with hereby this rent contract to the RENTER whose name and address are mentioned within this contract. Hereby in the contract, LEORENT will be referred to as LEORENT. The RENTER declares and undertakes to use the vehicle in accordance with the conditions specified in this contract (rental period, return station, etc.), to pay the rental fee and to accept the general terms of sale. The RENTER accepts all liabilities that belong to and arise from him by signing this contract. All notifications made to the address declared on the contract by the RENTER will be deemed valid. 

1- The RENTER will return and deliver the vehicle, spare tire, all tires, documents, accessories and equipment of the vehicle, as well as to the LEORENT station in the city where the vehicle is rented or in another place specified in the contract, on the specified day. For all time extensions, the RENTER will apply to LEORENT and obtain the approval of LEORENT. In terms of the time extensions made without approval, it is accepted by the parties that the RENTER will be possessing the vehicle unlawfully; in case the RENTER will request additional services such as a navigation device, baby seat, snow tire etc. for the rented vehicle,he/she is obliged to pay the additional fee. 

2- The vehicle will not be used in the ways described below: 

a) In the transport of passengers or goods in return for an explicit or hidden income, 

b) To push or pull any vehicle or trailer, 

c) In the transportation of items contrary to the customs legislation and other laws or in other unlawful works, 

d) By a person who has taken alcohol or drugs, or a driver not specified as an additional driver, 

e) For motor sports (including racing, speed determination, rally, stiffness and speed trials), 

f) In the transportation ofload/goods that will damage the average and exceed the loading limit, 

g) Considering the brand and model of the vehicles, in places and conditions (such as off-road, highland, sand, swamp, stream bed, etc.) that are not suitable for the purpose of renting and in places and roads that are not suitable for technical structures and endurance of vehicles, in short, in extraordinary and unsuitable traffic conditions. 

3- Use of the vehicle: 

a) It will be driven by the RENTER and (or the additional driver specified within the contract) with a valid driver’s license for at least 1, 2 or 3 years, depending on the condition of the vehicle. Depending on the driver’s license status (in case ofleamer driver, etc.) LEORENT will be able to receive additional insurance costs and/or additional security fees to the rental fee from the RENTER, the RENTER accepts and undertakes that he/she knows and approves this situation, and in the event of cancellation of the driver’s and/or the additional driver’s leamer’s status, the driver is obliged to return the vehicle immediately. Otherwise, the RENTER will be responsible for all judicial and administrative sanctions, all damages and etc. 

b) The driver must be over the age limit specified in the General Rental Information and Conditions brochure. 

c) The vehicle can also be used by persons (additional driver drivers) whose name/names are registered on the contract by the RENTER at the beginning of the rent, and who comply with the conditions related to the driver defined in articles (a) and (b). 

d) The RENTER is obliged to ensure that the person authorized to use the rented vehicle fully complies with all the terms ofthis contract. Otherwise, the RENTER is entirely responsible for all consequences that may arise. 

4- The RENTER is obliged to pay the following, at the request of LEORENT, under the conditions requested by LEORENT: 

a) The rental fee calculated over the number of days rented according to then-current price list, 

b) For the optional articles accepted by the RENTER with his/her signature; Collision Damage Waiver (COW), Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCOW), Theft Protection (TP), Voluntary Financial Liability Insurance (VFI), Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) costs, Mini Damage Insurance (M1), Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance (CALI), policy packages to be submitted to the RENTER by LEORENT with the condition to pay the price, one- way fee and legally valid taxes that may arise at the end of the rental period, total fuel amounts together with a service fee of at least 30% of the remaining fuel price in the event that theRENTER delivers the vehicle at a level lower than the fuel level he/she has received, 

c) In the event that the RENTER pays and prefers the exempt liability assurance package during the car rental period; in the event that LEORENT provides the documents (accident report, alcohol report, etc.) that must be provided in the contract and legal legislation regarding the accident that occurred during the rental contract, and submits it to LEORENT, the RENTER will be obliged to pay the amount of the damage costs in the accident within the scope of the exemption amount determined by LEORENT. Fees above this amount will be evaluated by LEORENT within the scope and limits of the policy of LEORENT within the framework of the general car insurance conditions. In case the RENTER prefers and pays the Super Collision Damage Waiver, within the scope and limitsof the LEORENT policy, in case the RENTER provides the documents (accident report, alcohol report, etc.) that must be provided to LEORENT in the contract and legal legislation within the framework of the Super Collision Damage Waiver, in full and to LEORENT, it will be evaluated by LEORENT within the scope and limits of the policy of LEORENT, within the framework of the general motor insurance conditions. In case the RENTER prefers and pays the fee of the Mini Damage Insurance Package together with the Mini Damage Assurance Package, the RENTER shall not make any payment for the amounts below the amount determined by LEORENT, as a result of providing a correct and complete written statement to LEORENT without the need for a report. If there are issues that are not covered by the policies and/or that are not accepted under the general insurance conditions (for example, situations such as the RENTER’s driving while using alcohol or drugs, failing to provide accident, incident and alcohol reports.), the entire amount of the relevant damage will be paid by theRENTER. 

d) If the RENTER does not accept the Collision Damage Waiver (COW) in case of an accident, he/she is entitled to demand the amount he/she is responsible for; however, in the event of an accident, if the RENTER has been fined for alcohol, drugs or any other reason (non-compliance with general traffic rules), LEORENT is entitled to demanf from the RENTER the repair costs of the damages caused by the accident, loss of earnings from leasing the vehicle for the time spent in repaining the vehicle together with the compensation for all expenses incurred due to the accident. At the beginning of the renting, a pre-provision for the approximate amount of the rent is blocked from the RENTER’s credit card. The RENTER accepts in advance that he/she will not object to the rental fee, cost of damage, and damages collections made with pre-provision. 

e) If the car rented by the RENTER is stolen, and if he/she did not accept the Thief Protection (TP), he/she is obliged to pay the price of the vehicle or the equipment according to the current purchase costs. 

f) The following issues are not covered and paid by the insurance, therefore these matters must be covered by the RENTER damages on the rim if the tire splits reg, ardless of the accident, theft of the wheel cover and spare wheel, damage to license, vehicle interior accessories and seats plate, fire extinguisher and equipment, loss of the vehicle key and/or damage to the vehicle key due to use, and any damage caused to the vehicle not covered by the insurance. 

g) In cases where the vehicle is stolen, the general insurance rules are valid, in damaged occasions which insurance companies do not qualify as theft, and in cases that cannot be included in the scope of automobile insurance and the insurance companies do not pay, the RENTER accepts to pay the vehicle price and other damages in advance. 

h) LEORENT cannot be held responsible for compensation of items damaged or stolen from inside the vehicle. 

i) The RENTER is obliged to pay the damage costs that are not covered by the Compulsory Traffic Insurance given to third parties. 

j) However, if the RENTER paid the Voluntary Financial Liability Insurance (VFI) security deposit premium specified in this rent contract, he/she is exempt from the relevant damage costs (within the General Insurance Conditions of the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey) up to the price specified for the rented vehicle in the VFI policy. 

k) The RENTER is exempt from the amount covered by the Personal Accident Insurance, for which the premium amount was paid at the time of the rent contract. The RENTER is exclusively responsible for the parts exceeding this amount. 

5- The RENTER accepts that he/she has received the relevant vehicle in good condition in terms of both mechanics and that there is no signs of damage or accident on the vehicle (rental aggrement form) The RENTER accepts and undertakes to pay all kinds of mechanical, electrical and other damages on the vehicle that he/she received in good and substantial condition, which cannot be requested and received from insurance companies with in the scope of traffic insurance rules due to usage error, negligence and/or imprudence, including the demands of 3rd parties (for example, gearbox disintegration due to incorrect gear shifting, vehicle interior accessorries and seats continuing to use the vehicle even though the warning light is on, damages caused by hitting the bottom of the vehicle, damage to accents such as tires and rims, drunk driving etc.). 

6- The RENTER will make regular checks from the receival date of the vehicle to the delivery date in order to carry out regular maintenance of the vehicle he/she has received, and will deliver the vehicle to the office he/she has received for maintenance when necessary. Otherwise, the RENTER will be responsible for the damages that may arise. 

7- The vehicle used by the RENTER and mentioned above is protected by traffic insurance conditions. If the RENTER intends to provide protection for himself herself, third parties and the rented vehicle with the assurances of theft, damage, Voluntary Financial Liability and personal accident provided at the time of signing the rent contract, in order to provide exemption from damage and loss, he/she has the right to benefit from the security premium of these costs by paying them in advance separately and additionally. Otherwise, all kinds of administrative, criminal and legal (compensation, penalties, etc.) liability will belong exclusively to the RENTER. However, the RENTER is obliged to pay the damages (caused by the bridge, balcony, branch or any object) incurred as a result of the impacts on the upper parts of the vehicle or vehicle body, even if he/she has accepted the traffic insurance and damage assurances. Although the RENTER accepts the damage exemption guarantee (theft, damage assurances, Voluntary Financial Liability Insurance), he/she accepts to meet the liability of the damage and the related expenses without objection in the case of damage to the vehicle under the conditions specified below. 

a) If he/she was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs at the time of the accident. 

b) In cases where the legal speed limit is exceeded (stated in the accident report that the accident occurred due to speed). 

c) In cases where traffic accident record is not prepared and alcohol report is not received, in deliberate accidents, 

d) In case of using the vehicle contrary to traffic laws, 

e) In the event of accidents and/or damages caused by the use of the vehicle by persons other than the RENTER and the driver/drivers specified as additional drivers in the rent contract, 

f) In cases where the insurance cost is not paid in accordance with the general conditions of the insurance policies of the Insurance and Reinsurance Companies Association of Turkey and/or the insurance companies do not make a payment for any reason. 

8- The RENTER and other authorized drivers (additional driver) must take the following precautions to protect the interests of the insurance company of LEORENT in the event of an accident during the rental period: 

a) To obtain the names and addresses of the relevant persons and witnesses, 

b) To obtain the photocopy of the driver’s license, registration document and traffic insurance policies of the party(s) in double-sided accidents, and in cases where it is not possible to obtain information (the province where the driver number is issued, the traffic insurance policy numbers and the name of the insurance company.etc.). 

c) Not accepting responsibility or crime. 

d) Not leaving the vehicle without taking adequate security measures, 

e) In the event of an accident resulting in material, fatal or bodily harm, to immediately report the situation to the nearest police officers or relevant authorities, 

f) To deliver the accident notification and related minutes and reports to the relevant office or to the nearest LEORENT office within 24 hours at the latest. 

9- LEORENT cannot be held responsible for the loss of any property carried or left by the RENTER in the vehicle. The RENTER releases the lessor from the lawsuit, accusation, complaint and damage that may occur as a result of such loss or damage. 

10-When the vehicle is not used by the RENTER, the RENTER is obliged to take the necessary measures and lock the doors of the vehicle to prevent possible accident or theft. In the event that the vehicle is stolen, the RENTER will be relieved of responsibility and will benefit from the Theft Protection (TP) if the RENTER proves that he/she has taken the necessary precautions by returning the license and keys of the vehicle and informed the relevant law enforcement authorities. 

11- Financial damages and repair expenses incurred to third parties passengers in the vehicle are limited to the compulsory traffic insurance limits of the vehicle, and all responsibilities and liabilities that may occur, including material and immaterial damages, and/or exceeding the policy limits belong to the RENTER. 

12- Since LEORENT does not manufacture the vehicle, it cannot be held responsible for any losses that may occur as a result of mechanical or manufacturing faults of the vehicle or its spare parts. 

13- The RENTER knows that he/she will not use the vehicle(s) delivered to him/her for any purpose other than the purpose written in the registration and traffic documents and/or the purpose of use specified in this Contract, especially for the purpose of carrying load or passengers in a way that can be interpreted as commercial gain, that the vehicle(s) are given for use within the scope of this Contract, the RENTER also acknowledges that if he/she deviates from the purpose of use written here, all the responsibilities and risks that this may cause within the framework of the legislation in force, including the Highway Code and the Road Transport Code, will be exclusively owned by him/her and the RENTER is aware that all administrative, judicial and criminal sanctions and liabilities that may be imposed on LEORENT for any reason and in any way, and the damages incurred can be revocated to him/her immediately, together with his/her perpetrators and he/she accepts all these matters exactly. 

14- The RENTER accepts and undertakes that the rented vehicles will not be rented to another person or organization under any circumstances, and that they will not be used by or sold to a person whose name is not written on the Rent Contract and General Rental Terms and Conditions. If the contrary is determined, damage guarantees of LEORENT will not be valid and all damages and losses will be covered by the RENTER. In addition, if it is determined that the vehicle has been rented or used by another person, LEORENT reserves the right to charge a penalty fee of 3 times the car rental fee billed for the relevant vehicle. In the event that the relevant vehicle is sold or attempted to be sold to another person, LEORENT reserves the right to demand and collect a fee of at least the value of the vehicle as a penal clause request. The RENTER accepts and undertakes to meet such requests of LEORENT in cash and at once. 

15- In cases where the vehicle is disqualified from driving and/or the vehicle is prevented from entering traffic due to the RENTER, and its use is not allowed, all kinds of damages and expenses such as lost earnings of the vehicle’s unused days, all parking costs’ in case the vehicle went to the car park, payment of possible judicial and administrative penalties to be issued, all damages that have occurred or will refuse due to being banned from traffic, etc. will be covered by the RENTER. LEORENT will also carry out the necessary procedures regarding the purchase of the vehicle from the parking lot and follow up the process, and the RENTER will cover the expenses and etc. related to these transactions LEORENT will invoice these prices to the RENTER as a service fee together with the rent fee, and the RENTER accepts and undertakes to cover all losses incurred and to be incurred in relation to the rent term of LEORENT. 

16- The RENTER cannot take the car out of the borders of Turkey, otherwise, all damages that have occurred or will arise will be covered by the RENTER. In the event that the vehicle taken abroad without the approval of LEORENT is not returned although requested, the cost of the vehicle will be covered by the RENTER 

17- If the RENTER carries goods and passengers, LEORENT cannot be held responsible for any damage to the property or passenger, the responsibility belongs exclusively to the RENTER and/or his/her driver. In the event that the RENTER performs this transportation illegally, all kinds of administrative and judicial penalties directed to LEORENT will be invoiced to the RENTER. In addition to this, in cases where the contractual vehicle is banned from traffic, the rental fee will be charged during the days it is banned from traffic, and the additional expenses and all damages incurred or to be incurred on behalf of LEORENT in relation to this issue will be covered by the RENTER 

18-OGS, HGS and etc. toll systems are provided to the RENTER for crossing bridges, highways, etc. The mentioned crossings will be invoiced to the RENTER as the transfer fee- VAT. 

19- LEORENT accepts and undertakes to pay the costs written on the traffic ticket reports issued to the relevant vehicle. RENTER will not demand any price discount, such as early payment discount and etc. for the said penalties. LEORENT reserves the right to charge a service fee for traffic tickets. 

20- The fuel brand used in the vehicles is at the initiative of the RENTER, and the costs of the malfunctions caused by fuel choices will be covered by the RENTER. Petroleum companies will be the addressee and responsibility of the RENTER for the compensation of the fuel-related damages. Although the RENTER has the right of choice regarding the fuel brand used in the vehicles subject to the contract, the costs for the repair of the damage caused by the failure to use the fuel qualit specified in the user manuals of the vehicles are invoiced separately to the RENTER. 

21- If the RENTER fails to comply with any clause of this contract, especially if he/she does not deliver the vehicle on the agreed date, the RENTER gives LEORENT the right to take back the mentioned vehicle immediately, regardless of where it is and without prior warning. The RENTER is obliged to pay the damages and expenses that may occur during taking back the vehicle by LEORENT. 

22- LEORENT may terminate the rent contract and this contract without any reason. The RENTER accepts and undertakes that he/she will not make any request from LEORENT due to this termination, regardless of the name under which he/she is. The RENTER accepts and undertakes to deliver the vehicle to LEORENT immediately upon termination. Otherwise, the rental fee will be continue paid for each day that is not delivered. If the vehicle is not delivered within 3 days following the termination notification, LEORENT will notify the official authorities for the occurrence of abuse of confidence within the scope of the Turkish Criminal Law (TCK). 

23- The RENTER will make the payments by credit card or voucher. Also, the RENTERS working in the current account will make their payments by invoice and within the specified periods. In case of failure to pay the rental fee, legal payments, and other amounts under the contract, the RENTER accepts, declares and undertakes to pay default interest twice the amount of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) advance interest rate from the invoice date, without the need for any warning ornotice. 

24- Vehicle km limits are different depending on the rental period. Economic and medium group vehicles 300 km per a day and for 1-4 days rental totally 1200 km, more than 5 days monthly rentals totally 3000 km limited. Upper group and premium vehicles 200 km per a day and for 1-4 days rentals totally 800 km limited more than 5 days and monthly rentals totally 2500 km limited. 1 month is considered as 30 days.Km exceeding fee it 2 TL. If the renter exceeds the km limit, he/she accepts and declares to pay the excess fee. 

25- The RENTER declares that he/she knows if the term of the contract expires, the contract is terminated without any warning, that failing to deliver the vehicle despite the any necessary reason for termination of the contract constitutes a crime under the provisions of criminal law, that in case he/she uses the vehicle outside the rental period, other than the RENTER and/or the Reserve Driver specified in the contract, and I or drives a vehicle illegally, that if the RENTER uses the vehicle outside of the rental period, if someone other than the RENTER and/or the Reserve. Driver specified in the contract uses the vehicle and/or the vehicle is used illegally, he/she will not be able to benefit from any insurance, guarantee, legal right in terms of damage and liability, and that no other notification will be made to him/her externally on behalf of these matters. 

26- The RENTER accepts and declares that he/she approves that the invoices to be notified to him/her for the services, goods and other transactions to be carried outin relation to the existing and future brands within LEORENT will only be created electronically in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law and sent to the email address he/she has notified or paper invoice will be given the RENTER accepts and undertakes thathe/she will not make a request from LEORENT under any name. In this case, LEORENT will not have any responsibility. 

27-Unless written form, any change or supplement to these terms and conditions is void. 

28- In the event of a request for provisional attachment or injunction against the RENTER in case the rental fee is not paid, MEHMET ÇAKMAZ- LEORENT accepts, declares and undertakes that it is authorized to take a provisional injunction or attachment decision without posting a guarantee. 

29- The RENTER accepts and undertakes that he/she has already consented to the withdrawal of all contractual and legal payments arising from the rent from thecredit card submitted at the beginning of the rent. 

30- The RENTER accepts in advance that the book records and documents of LEORENT are valid and sufficient legal evidence in accordance with Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure (HMK). 

31-MILAS Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve disputes arising from this contract.