Milas – Bodrum Airport(BJV)


As LEORENT, we need to obtain your explicit consent for the processing and transfer of your personal data, except for the cases where the legislation makes an exception, within the scope of our operations we carry out in order to provide you and improve our services in order for complying with the Personal Data Protection legislation. 

Your personal data are collected automatically or non-automatically, in accordance with the performance of the contractual relationship between us or for other reasons stipulated in the laws, within the framework of the operation and development of our services. Your aforementioned personal data is processed by LEORANT for purposes such as providing services as vehicle sales and rental and service maintenance, reservation procedures, fulfillment oflesses, to increase the recognition of the company with gifts and messages to be sent with announcements/celebrations and other content and to provide general or personalized advertising, announcement, campaign information for the promotion and marketing of our services, for managing customer satisfaction or complaints in order toprovide better service, to provide better service to customers and to conduct customer surveys within the framework of our loyalty program and to provide you with feedback and other miscellaneous purposes. For data security and compliance with the group policies of the company to which our company is affiliated, and forother purposes stated above, the execution of the contract is conveyed in the same way to systems in other countries especially in the European Union countries as LEORENT, to the companies within the group of companies that our company is affiliated with and to the database we use jointly with them, to the institutions and organizations whose applications will be approved, to official institutions, to authorized representatives, to insurance companies, to information technology serviceproviders, to companies providing call center services, to the companies we use as intermediaries for transportation and cargo delivery, to third parties whose services webenefit from or cooperate with, for the purpose of fulfillment of the contract and performing the services. If you request more detailed information, you can apply to ourcompany in writing or in person. 

We would like to remind you that you have the right to learn whether your personal data is processed within the framework of the Personal Data Protectionlegislation, and to request information about it if it has been; to learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether it is used by us in accordance withrequest correction in case of incomplete or incorrectthese purposes, to leam the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred domestically or abroad, processing of your personal data; to request their deletion or destruction or anonymization in case the reasons requiring the processing disappear, to request thatthese be notified to third parties to whom data is transferred in these cases or in case of correction; if you think that there is a result against you, by analyzing theprocessed data exclusively through automated systems, to object to this situation; and to request the compensation of your personal data in case you suffer a damagedue to unlawful processing of them. 

Except for the cases where your personal data is processed and transferred to the extent required for the execution of the contract as required by law, you hereby giveyour consent that your personal data, which we will provide to our Company with your consent, will be processed within the scope of the above-mentionedinformation and transferred to third parties domestically or abroad.